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Public Holidays
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The Spanish are renowned the world over for their love of a fiesta, and ability to turn any excuse for a party into somerthing special.

Public Holidays:

1st Jan: New Years Day
As it is with most of the countries that follow the Julian Calendar, the 1st of January is the welcoming of the new year. All throughout Spain one will find celebrations at bars, retaurants and streets, mostly accompanied by displays of fireworks.

6th Jan: Epiphany
As with Christmas, on this day children receive presents from the Three Kings. This day marks the day when the Three Kings visited Jesus and offered him gifts in order to celebrate his coming to the World.

Friday before Easter: Good Friday
Easter Monday
Easter is perhaps Christianity's most important celebration. In Spain, Esater is celebrated in many ways, for example in Sevilla brotherhoods realize huge processions throughout the week before Easter, in Valencia similar events take place, but they place on the beach. And so on, every city in Spain has a unique way of celebrating Easter.

1st May: Labour Day
As in the rest of the World, the first of May serves as the internationa Labour Day. It is an official holiday in Spain and therefore there is no work.

15th Aug: Feast of the Assumption
Spain celebrates la Señora de la Asuncio on this day. Christians celebrate this day on the belief that Virgin Mary was taken in body and soul to the Heavens.

12th Oct: Spanish National Day
On this day Spain celebrate the discovey of the American contintent back in 1492 and the birth of the Spanish Empire. Usually celebrations take place all around Spain, but the biggest one is MAdrid where the Spanish kings make ana appearance.

1st Nov: All Saints Day
This day was established by Pope Urban IV to compansate all those saints that do not have a special day to celebrate them. In Spain people remember and pay respects to dear lost ones by paying a visit to the cementeries and offering flowers.

6 Dec: Constitution Day
On this day Spaniards celebrate the day in which the constitution was accepted by referndum back in 1978. It is a very important day because it marks the end of the Franquist era and the beginning of a democratic republic. It is oficial holiday in all Spain.

8th Dec: Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Catholics around the world believe that the Virgin Mary was born without sin. She is the patroness of Spain and for this reason on this date she is celebrated throughout the country.

25th Dec: Christmas
Spain has always been identified as a Catholic nation within Europe. Therefore, Christmas is one of the most important religious festivities of the country. As generally known, it is during this date that Jesus Christ was born.

26th Dec: Sant Esteve (Boxing Day)

Valencia Holidays:

9th Oct: Valencia Regional Day
This is one of the most important days in the Valencian calendar of festivities for it is the day they celebrate entry of King Jaime I to the city.

22 Jan: San Vincente Martir (only in Valencia)
San Vicente Martir was a preacher that was tortured during one of the last christian persecutions by the Roman Empire. He died in Valencia.

8 days after Easter Sunday: San Vincente Ferrer
San Vicente Ferrer is the patron saint of Valencia. He was an important preahcer, philosopher and logician, and he travelled constantly throughout Western Europe.

19 Mar: San Jose
On this day, Valencianos celebrate Saint Jose, Jesus's adoptive father.

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