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Seeing a Doctor in Valencia

Just the thought of dealing with the paperwork and bureaucracy involved is enough to make most of us keep fingers crossed that we never have to see a doctor.  However,  if you plan to live a while in Valencia, registering before you’re struck down with something that needs checking up on is definitely a good idea and once you know what to do it’s a straightforward process. 
For advice on how to get rid of minor discomforts like coughs or cold sores etc, pharmacists can be very helpful and a lot of them speak some English. 

How to get medical assistence in Spain

As a foreigner, you can take advantage of both public and private healthcare system in Spain.

Public healthcare
Foreign employees who work for a Spanish company must usually contribute to Spanish social security (Seguridad Social). This will entitle you and your family to subsidized medical care on the same terms as Spaniards.

After having registered with the social security, a registration card (tarjeta sanitaria) will be delivered to your address around 4-8 weeks later. In some cases, you might have to go and pick your card up at the nearest Health center (Centro de salud).

If you are an European Union citizen, you are automatically entitled to free health care coverage thanks to reciprocal agreements among EU countries. Since the 1st June 2004, European citizens who are travelling within the European Economic Area are given a European Health Insurance Card, which simplifies the procedure when receiving medical assistance during the stay abroad. The European Health Insurance Card has therefore replaced previous forms like E111 and E111B, E110 and E128.

Private healthcare
As private insurance is concerned, anyone is eligible. Within these companies, medical and dental coverage is offered, and sometimes you get discount if you sign up for both. Prices vary greatly depending on age and sex. However, they are not prohibitively expensive.

Regular Check-ups
For general heath check ups, as well as for specific health problems, make an appointment with your doctor.  They will then refer you to the appropriate clinic, or a specialist doctor. As with any medical situation, the waiting time depends on how long the list of people requiring similar attention is, although the level of urgency is also a factor.  If you want to have any kind of tests done (x-rays, blood tests), your doctor is also the best person to speak with.

If you suspect an STD:
Speak with your doctor, who will either arrange for the necessary tests and/or treatment, or will refer you to the appropriate centre.

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