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Martial Arts
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There are many different kinds of martial arts, but they all have the same purpose: self defence! In fact, the first lesson you learn when you join a Martial Arts class is to never use your training skill otherwise than for self defence reasons only. The most popular martial art classes are: Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido and Kung Fu, but if you are a real “Die Hard” and not afraid of being hit, you should take some Kick-Boxing or Full Contact classes.

Martial Art Classes in Valencia
Usually gyms in Valencia offer several different Martial Art classes. If you’re not really sure about what Martial Arts class suits you best, you should take some trail lessons to find out.

Club Shidokan
Avendia Basco Ibañez, 90
Tel: 963696016

Sport Gym Sociedad Anonima
Av. Bonavista, 17
Tel: 962743679

Kioto Gym
Isabela la Catolica, 7
Tel: 963636966

Escuela Wu Wei de Kung Fu y Tai-Chi
Ingeniero Manuel Maese, 15
Tel: 963720

Fkcv Federación de Karate Comunidad Valenciana
C/ Avellanas 14
Tel: 963916206

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