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Finding a flat or a room might turn out to be very difficult. Once you have found the one you wish to see, the next problem might be the language. Many owners do not speak English. Here are a few phrases that might help you ask about the flat, the rent, the terms, the contract, the installations, the building and the neighborhood.

About the Contract & Price:

arrendatario o inquilino = renter/tenant
arrendador o propietario = landlord/owner
el dueño = owner
un contrato = a contract
periodo de alquiler = rental period
precio del alquiler = rental price
pago mensual = monthly payment
precio = price
el importe del alquiler = the rent amount
el importe de la renta = the rent amount
subir la renta = raise the rent
una reducción de la renta = reduction in rent
la duración del contrato = contract duration
un gasto = an expense
gastos de comunidad = community expenses
los gastos generales = general expenses for building (cleaning stairs/lift etc.)los gastos individuales = expenses like light, water, telephone, gas etc.
impuestos = taxes
un mes de antelación = a month in advance
la fianza = the deposit
depositar la fianza = pay the deposit
la fianza, equivalente a un mes de alquiler = deposit, equivalent to a months rent
recibo o justificante = receipt
las reparaciones = repairs
las pequeñas reparaciones = small repairs
la entrega de las llaves = delivery of keys
Se puede pactar que.. = you can agree that...‘

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